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Rum vacilon Añejo 18 Years

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Rum Vacilon Añejo 18 Years

Distilled in an artisanal way in the Heribero Duquesne distillery, in the historic town of Remedios, Santa Clara in Cuba, Vacilon rum is an agricultural rum.

It was actually produced from freshly cut cane and an equally fresh, hand-squeezed juice. Vacilon Reserva Especial then aged for 18 years in American oak barrels.

Nose: Rich in aromas of coconut and vanilla, the nose of this rum then evolves on aromas of dried fruits and citrus.

Mouth: The tasting is characterized by great sweetness. The warmly spicy accents of cloves and cinnamon blend with the subtlety of tropical fruits. The presence of more herbaceous notes accentuates its freshness.

Product: Rum Vacilon Añejo 18 Years

Country of origin: Cuba

Degree: 40°

Volume: 70Cl

Reserve: 18 Years