Produces in the city of Santiago de Cuba, recognized as the cradle of light rum after 1862. Santiago is a territory of special aromas and colors, where interbreeding constitutes a singular expression. This drink has been recognized since the founding masters discovered that rum could be a light and safe liquor.
It is a rum made and produced in the Santiago de Cuba factory. First of all, the rum is the work of the consecrated masters and workers of the ancient rum factories of this region.
After the triumph of the revolution, they became the owners of the rum facilities.
Its etymology recalls the generosity of a special microclimate for fruit aromas, typically Creole, sweet and firm at the same time.
Finally, it is the highest expression of the Cuban rum tradition, and unique because of its authenticity and quality (the aroma, the delicacy and the saviour).
It was made and bottled in the same locality recognized as the birthplace of light rum.
In its range we can look for products that have appeared to celebrate commemorative dates of the same city, for example the extra aged rum "Santiago de Cuba", designated to commemorate the foundation of the homonymous city.
Present in four modalities: Carta Blanca, Añejo, Añejo Superior and Extra Añejo. The brand's logo combines the natural elements present in Santiago de Cuba: its land of altitudes, bathed and illuminated by the sea and the Caribbean sun, which allow us to offer a unique product, in conjunction with our traditional way of making rum.
It harmonizes the traditions transmitted with the advances of technology and the thought of the current masters of rum. In a magical synergy, this rum is the result of a liquid synthesis of Cuban culture.