Rum Paticruzado

According to one of the most popular legends of Santiago de Cuba, the birthplace of Cuban light rum and the city where 'Paticruzao' was created, the last years of the 19th century passed when the market placed Bacardi Rum as one of the main competitors.

This scenario caused its counterpart, the vintage firm Matusalem, to suffer a drop in revenue, especially when the Bacardi emporium also sold, and at only 0.35 cents, another variety of category rum lower than its maximum exponent but without much to envy.

We're talking about Ron Palmitas. In this context, the then owner of Matusalem called upon a resource which, in the end, as his grandfather had predicted, in a pinch, would be the saving grace of the company. According to the family secret, passed down through different generations, behind a wall of an old factory office were "vats" (a kind of barrels) made with characteristic sui generis rum. Once the wall was demolished and the find revealed ... the guard "taster" tasted the formula, bequeathing part of the drink's name to posterity when he said: (...) This most pinto paticruza! (…) They also say that Rum Palmas Los Marinos Paticruzado (official name today) was specially designed for sailors, a social sector that at the time often could not buy the rums produced by Bacardí or the aged Matusalem , widespread in the market for its quality but with prices that were inaccessible to them.

With an amber, clear, shiny, transparent appearance; Slightly perceptible taste and smell of its aged note with a degree of 38° and a volume of 70 Cl.