First of all, Ron Vigia is named after one of Cuba's most famous rum drinkers - Ernest Hemingway. No, first Hemingway was American and second, as you can probably already guess...his name was not Vigia. That doesn't mean there isn't a tenuous connection, though.
Ernest Hemingway resided on a farm southeast of Havana called “La Finca Vigia” or in English “The Lookout”. The Hemingway coat of arms (the red emblem) is on the bottle/box.
It is noted as coming from Bodega Vigia.
Rum Vigia is produced in the same distillery as Ron Mulata, the fifty-year-old distillery of Heriberto Duquesne, located in the central region of Cuba in Villa Clara. Ron Vigia is aged in 180 liter ex-Bourbon barrels and is made from aquavit and sugar cane syrup with a degree of 40° and a volume of 70Cl