Cuban Arecha rum dates back to José Arechabala in the late 19th century in nearby Havana where the Bacardi and Havana club rum brands were also founded. Among them, however, Arecha clearly stands out for its sweet and full-bodied flavor.

Over time, this rum was forgotten until the Cuba Ron Corporation revived the tradition of Ron Arecha, also known as the forgotten pearl of the Caribbean. For Arecha, sugar cane from the Sierra Maestra mountain in Santiago de Cuba is used, from where the cane is of the best quality.

Since its beginnings in the 19th century, the owners of Arecha have developed a motto: quality. An incomparable raw material, the sweetness of sugar cane, sown and harvested in red soils, extraordinary natural nutrients as a starting point and the subsequent obtaining of sugars and honey.

From this they derived the productions of alcohol whose final development was a characteristic product for its taste, aromas and texture:
Arecha rum has become fragrant over time and now it arrives with this smell, a pure taste of its origins.
texture with a natural palate of manufacture, traditional mixtures foreign to any chemical component characterize this rum that a chair has gone along its history and a way of transmitting from generation to generation between the master producers of rums in charge of what you tasted and perceived as if time had stopped.