Guayabita Del Pinar

The origin of this tasty Vueltabajo liqueur, as we know it today, cannot be precisely defined even if we know that they were families from Spain at the end of the 16th century on the fringes from the Cuyaguateje river, in the province of Pinar del Río, who first mixed the brandies and sugar with the fruit of small guava, which grew wildly in the area.
However, the industrial paternity of Guayabita del Pinar has remained inscribed in history in favor of the Basque Lucio Garay Zabala, an entrepreneur and businessman who in 1892 set up a factory to produce drinks. He already knew secrets, medicinal and digestive virtues of the liquor known through the own wine merchants of the area. Historians assure that in this enterprise, Garay Zabala also brought his genius and knowledge bringing the Guayabita to a maximum point of exquisiteness which over time made him win the market including even the international one.
Pinar del Río, originally called New Philippine, began to be populated in 1699. It acquired its current name in 1776, which influenced that its main population center was near the Guamá River, surrounded of sprawling pine woods.
This province, located in the westernmost region of Cuba, has an area of ​​10,925 square kilometers, divided by two mountain ranges, Sierra del Rosario, World Biosphere and Organ Range Reserve, where there are caves considered among the best on the American continent.