Rum Caney is produced from the molasses of sugar cane which is grown in the fertile southern fields of Cuba, around the beautiful mountainous sierra de MAESTRE and distilled in the ancient but vibrant city of Santiago de Cuba - the heart and soul of Cuba's music and cultural heritage, where distinctive light and tropical rums were invented.
The distillery, with a long history, overlooks Santiago Bay and produces only the finest rums. RON CANEY is carefully produced with spring water.
It is matured under unique climatic conditions, in the chosen oak barrels before being blended by the cellar masters, some of whom have worked at the distillery since before the revolution. All of this gives Ron CANEY its unique properties, flavors and nose.
Ron CANEY is named after the cone-shaped houses built by the campesinos (peasant) of Cuba, small farmers.
Produced right after the revolution, Caney at first was only launched in the Cuban market and in Latin America, where it largely sold.