Santiago de Cuba is the birthplace of rum, it was in Santiago that in 1862, with the support of the Spanish crown, the "traditional rum" was born.

Traditional because it comes from molasses, the result of processing sugar cane; light because clean and conducive to the current alcohol content.

It is the product that in a century of history has conquered the world, making Santiago de Cuba and its distillery famous, considered the cradle of rum.

Ron Varadero was born as a brand of the old distilleries of Santiago, to which we refer in the frieze of the “red sun”

In Santiago de Cuba, in eastern Cuba, a modern, clean and extraordinary rum is finally born, different from what sailors and pirates called the "devil's drink".

The Cuban East stretches between the Atlantic Ocean and the Sierra Maestra, a land with a unique climate for the growth of the best “medialuna” sugar cane, whose fermented and distilled molasses gives an aguardiente exceptional for its organoleptic qualities.

Ron Varadero is aged exclusively in 180-litre oak barrels. The creation of the first aging battery for 5 to 10 years and 15 years in 1862 is due to the Maestros roneros of our Distillery.

Since then, in the cellar called “Nave Don Pancho”, the oldest in Cuba, the batteries of barrels that contain the Mother of the Ron have given us the Ron Varadero.