Rhum legendario Ronssé

Rum legendario Ronssé

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Pink in appearance, bright in tone and with a sweet strawberry aroma, Ronssé is distinguished by a slightly bitter taste on the palate, with a fresh and fruity aftertaste and notes citrus fruits.

A distillate reminiscent of the first wild strawberries of the season and the original raw material, Cuban cane sugar brandy. 32o To taste rock and especially in cocktails and cocktails. It can be accompanied by natural strawberry shavings or red fruits to accentuate its flavor.

Product: Ronssé

Origin: Cuba

Capacity: 70Cl

Degree: 32°

Suggested cocktail: Rose de Marie

Ingredients: - 5cl. Legendary Ronssé

- 2cl. Triple drying

- 2cl. Strawberry puree with rock fruits or strawberry concentrate Rum legendario Ronssé.

- 6 cl. Pineapple juice Preparation

- Mix all the ingredients in a shaker. 

  • Serve over ice in a cocktail glass and garnish with fresh strawberries and lime.
  • Reference Ronsse.