Rhum La Isla del tesoro
Rhum La Isla del tesoro

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Rum La Isla del tesoro

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This rum is designed as a product that evokes the coarse and rough brandy, sought after by the corsairs and pirates who ravaged the Cuban coasts, the so-called treasure island, between the 16th and 18th centuries, and that they treasured loot plundered from the surroundings of the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. Needless to say, the brandy is no longer the same as before, aggressive and off-putting on the palate, but rather a very aged brandy and processed with unimaginable care and concentration.

Isla del Tesoro rum contains a pure, dedicated, refined soul, strong in spirit, but gentle to elegantly caress our olfactory sensations and our taste buds. It is a blend of rum bases very aged over time, in precious "precious chests", which once again generate the "wonderful jewel" of Cuban rum, born from the wisdom, dedication and work of the Santiago de Cuba's thriving rum industry, with over 150 years dedicated to making true "Ron de siempre". It is part of the generosity and accumulated talent of several generations of Maestros Roneros de Santiago, born and educated in the “Cradle of light rum.

Product: Isla del tesoro Rum

Origin: Cuba

Capacity: 70cl

Degree: 40%