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Rum eminente gran reserva edition number I

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L'Eminente 10 ans Gran Reserva is an exceptional Cuban rum, aged for 10 years and composed of 80% aguardiente, the highest proportion among Cuban rums. This particularity, combined with a three-month finish in French oak barrels, gives the rum delicate woody and floral notes, such as orange blossom and sandalwood. The aguardiantes age in a dry cellar, where the water evaporates more quickly than the alcohol, giving an alcohol content of 43.5%, higher than the average for Cuban rums.

This unique rum, with a capacity of 70 cl, is ideal for enthusiasts looking for rich and complex flavors. The Eminente 10 Year Old Gran Reserva perfectly embodies the art and tradition of Cuban rum, offering a refined and unforgettable tasting experience, whether neat or in sophisticated cocktails.

Product: Eminente gran reserva 10 years

Origin: Cuba

Capacity: 0.70Ml

Diploma: 43.5%

Reserve: 10 years