Rhum cubay reserva especial 10 Ans

Rum cubay reserva especial 10 Years

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Cubay Reserva Especial 10 Year Old Rum is a tribute to the tradition of Cuban rum, produced in the historic factories of Cuba Ron SA. Aged for ten years in carefully selected wooden barrels, this rum is distinguished by its exceptional sweetness and assertive personality. The famous “center flavor” is the result of the dedication of the Rum Masters and the richness of these old barrels.

This unique rum, with an alcohol content of 40% and a capacity of 70 cl, is perfect for connoisseurs looking for an authentic and refined experience. Whether enjoyed neat or used as a base for sophisticated cocktails, Cubay Reserva Especial 10 Year Old Rum embodies the excellence and tradition of Cuban rums.


Product: Rum Cubay reserva especial 10 Years

Country of origin: Cuba

Degree: 40°

Capacity: 70 Cl

Reserve: 10 Years