Rhum Arecha Elixir

Rum Arecha Elixir

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Arecha Elixir Rum is a taste marvel that captures the very essence of Cuban craftsmanship. This deliciously sweet and aromatic rum, crafted with meticulous attention, offers rich notes of honey, caramel and dried fruit. Designed to be enjoyed neat, it is also perfect for adding a sweet and refined touch to your cocktails.

At Coca Excellence Cavas, we are dedicated to selecting products that embody tradition and excellence. Arecha Elixir Rum, with its velvety texture and captivating aromas, is a real invitation to taste. Ideal for lovers of sweet and complex rums, this rum is a perfect addition to any fine spirits collection. Order now and discover the sweetness and richness of Arecha Elixir Rum.

Product: Rum Arecha Elixir

Origin: Cuba Arecha Elixir Rum

Degree: 34° Rum Arecha Elixir

Volume: 70° Rum Arecha Elixir