Mulata banana liqueur

Mulata banana liqueur

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Discover Mulata Liqueur Platano, an exotic liqueur that highlights the richness and sweetness of banana. This liqueur, with its intense aromas of ripe banana and its creamy texture, offers an irresistible taste experience. Perfect to be enjoyed alone, on ice or in a cocktail, Mulata Liqueur Platano brings a tropical touch to every tasting.

At Coca Excellence Cavas, we strive to select products that embody quality and authenticity. Mulata Liqueur Platano, with its deliciously fruity taste and perfect balance, is the ideal choice for lovers of tropical flavors. Whether for your summer evenings or to add an exotic note to your cocktails, this liqueur will seduce your taste buds. Order today and let yourself be enchanted by the sweetness and richness of Mulata Liqueur Platano.

Product: Liqueur Platano Mulata banana liqueur

Country of origin: Cuba

Capacity: 70 Cl

Degree: 26°