Mulata Liqueur Anis

Mulata Liqueur Anise

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Discover Mulata Liqueur Anis, a delicate liqueur that celebrates Cuban tradition and authenticity. With its distinctive anise aroma and refined sweetness, this liqueur offers an elegant and harmonious taste experience. Whether you enjoy it neat, on ice or in a cocktail, Mulata Liqueur Anise is perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your moments of relaxation.

We are committed to offering you products that reflect our passion for quality and know-how. Mulata Liqueur Anise, with its rich and balanced flavor, perfectly embodies this commitment. Ideal for lovers of fine liqueurs, it is an essential choice for those looking for a drink combining tradition and refinement. Order now and discover the subtlety and elegance of Mulata Liqueur Anis.

Product: Mulata Anise Liqueur

Country of origin: Cuba

Capacity: 70%

Degree: 26%