ños avec set
ños avec set

Rum Mulata Añejo 5 Años with set of a glass

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The elaboration of Rum Mulata Añejo Reserve 5 years is the result of the mixture of aged brandy, bases for rums, fine alcohol, demineralized water and additives with a minimum period of 5 years in American oak barrels.

In the Cuban camps where there were hundreds of endowments of male and female slaves, the races were mixed, sometimes by violent actions of the colonists who abused their slaves. Later in the various wars of independence, the slaves were freed and the miscegenation continued until today. Mulata and Cuban rum are born in the same period of social development of slavery, develop in the phase of independence and are associated with Cuban identity.

The need to create a brand that would represent one of the emblematic products of our country, Cuban rum, was the reason why a group of creators of Afro-Cuban blood delivered a gift from Cuba to the world, the mulata rum. This brand takes up the main bases of rum production technology: the mixtures, the time, the selection of the raw materials that compose it and the exposure to the tropical sun of the largest of the Antilles, make it a real Cuban product.

Country of origin: Cuba

Degree: 38°

Volume: 70Cl

Reserve: 5 Years