Legendario gran reserva 15 Years

Legendario gran reserva 15 Years

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Discover the **Legendario Gran Reserva 15 Years**, an exceptional rum which represents the pinnacle of Cuban craftsmanship. Aged for fifteen years, this rum reveals complex aromas of dried fruits, chocolate and precious wood, offering a rich and deep tasting experience. Each sip of this exquisite rum transports you on a unique sensory journey, *evoking the warmth and richness of Cuban lands*.

At Coca Excellence Cavas, we are dedicated to selecting the best spirits to offer you moments of pure pleasure. The Legendario Gran Reserva 15 Years embodies our commitment to quality and authenticity. Whether you enjoy it neat or with a cigar, this rum is perfect for connoisseurs and lovers of fine spirits. Order now and let yourself be enchanted by the timeless elegance of this exceptional rum.


AROM: Intense and mature.

Product: Rum Gran Réserva 15 Years

Country of origin: Cuba

Degree: 40%

Capacity: 70ML

Reserve: 15 Years