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Hatuey beer 3.55ml 5.0%

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Hatuey beer was first brewed in 1927 in Santiago de Cuba. It was Cuba's first premium beer, brewed by the Bacardi family.
The name HATUEY evokes courage, honor, perseverance and the fight for what was right. It depicts the struggle of a Taino chief named Hatuey for the right of survival of his Taino people during the time of the Spanish conquest of the New World. His sacrifice cost him his life. This is why he is today considered the first Cuban national hero. His passion and spirit inspired the creation of this beer that pays homage to the history of Cuba and its iconic hero.
Hatuey is a clear, pale yellow beer with a sweet caramel scent. It has a strong taste, but only slightly bitter. Aromatic and tasty, Hatuey goes perfectly with the Cuban summer sun!

Product:Hatuey beer

Origin: Cuba

Capacity: 3.55ml

Diploma: 5%