Kit cocktail cubanaso base concentré piñ

Cubanaso cocktail kit B/C piña colada / Rum mulata silver dry 500ml

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1- Pour the crushed ice into a 40cl glass, then pour the crushed ice into a sheker.

2- Add 9cl of Piña colada concentrate and 6cl alcoholl (added if you want a layer of milk), shake for 10 - 15 seconds.

3- Serve and decorate (Pineapple Triangle).

glass/ concentrated base/ Rum/Profitability.

30cl/ -------6cl---------4cl----12-- Pina colada

40cl -------9cl---------6cl-----8-- Pina colada

50cl--------12cl--------9cl-----6---Pina colada

FYI: You have 18 to 25 cocktails in the 750ml bottle.

Shelf life: Once opened, it is recommended to keep refrigerated and consume within a month.

Maturity: 18 months.