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Caney añejo centuria reserve.

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Discover Caney Añejo Centuria Réserve 7 Years, an exceptional Cuban rum aged for seven years to reach unrivaled perfection. This rum reveals complex aromas of caramel, vanilla and dried fruits, offering a rich and harmonious taste experience. Its maturation in oak barrels gives this rum a depth and roundness that will appeal to the most demanding enthusiasts. Perfect to enjoy neat or in cocktails, Caney Añejo Centuria Réserve 7 Years is a true homage to Cuban tradition.

At Coca Excellence Cavas, we are committed to bringing you the highest quality products, and the Caney Añejo Centuria Reserve 7 Year Old is no exception. This rum, symbol of Cuban excellence, is the result of know-how passed down from generation to generation. Treat yourself to a unique tasting moment and let yourself be enchanted by the authentic flavors of Cuba. Order now and discover why this rum is a must-have for lovers of fine spirits.

Product: Caney Añejo Centuria Reserve 7 Year Old Rum

Country of origin: Cuba ñejo Centuria

Degree: 38°

Volume: 70ML

Reserve: 7 Years