Rhum Arecha anejo

Rum Arecha Anejo

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Since its beginnings in the 19th century, the owners of Arecha have developed a concept: quality. An unrivaled raw material, the sweetness of sugar cane, sown and sourced in red soil, with extraordinary natural nutrients as a starting point and the subsequent obtaining of sugars and honey.
From this, they derived alcohol productions whose final development was a product characteristic for its taste, aromas and texture: rum. Rum Arecha anejo
Arecha has fragrant with time and now it arrives today with this smell, pure taste of its origins: texture to the natural palate of manufacturing, traditional mixtures foreign to any chemical component making up this rum that a chair has gone along its history and a way of transmitting it from generation to generation between the master producers of rums responsible for what you taste and perceive as if time had stopped. Rum Arecha anejo

Product: Arecha Anejo Rum

Country of origin: Cuba

Degree: 38%

Capacity: 70%