Rhum Arecha Extra Anejo

Rum Arecha Extra Anejo

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Arecha Extra Añejo Rum is a true gem among Cuban spirits, aged with care to offer incomparable depth and complexity. This exceptional rum reveals rich aromas of caramel, vanilla and oak, resulting from its long stay in oak barrels in California. Perfect to be enjoyed neat, this rum will also enhance your most sophisticated cocktails.

At Coca Excellence Cavas, we are committed to offering you products of exceptional quality, and the Arecha Extra Añejo Rum is a perfect example. Its richness and elegance make this rum an essential choice for connoisseurs and lovers of fine spirits. Whether to celebrate a special occasion or for a personal tasting moment, this rum is a true sensory experience. Order now and let yourself be enchanted by the sophistication and depth of Arecha Extra Añejo Rum.

Product: Arecha Anejo Rum

Country of origin: Cuba

Capacity: 70 ML

Volume: 38%